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So many people who have met their wife or husband via online dating! We would love to be a part of your search for love. The key for our photo shoot will be for us to have lots of fun, and get you amazing photos that really capture who you are! We love photos that have real expressions, and have a candid and in-the-moment feel. Dating sites have done research concluding that 90% of a decision about going on a date, is made from viewing your photos! Investing in yourself is definitely worth it! Having great photos of yourself feels SO good. Contact us for your own complete info guide today!

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  • online-dating-personal-portrait-orange-county-photoshoot-lifestyle-branding
  • orange county lifestyle photographer, orange county online dating photos, orange county portrait photographer

Package Information

The smallest package starts at Two Looks. Additional looks can be added on for a flat rate. Each look receives 30 high resolution photos, and one look is defined as one outfit and background. Travel to location, and studio options are both available. The High Resolution photos are included in your shoot, and will be emailed to you for downloading via an online photo gallery within 7 business days of your shoot.

Contact Us Today For Your Own Info Guide!


What are your rates?

Email me at and we’ll send you an info guide that can answer all your questions!

I’m nervous, will you help me pose?

We are posing masters. You will feel confident and amazing with our posing direction. We will take you through a range of poses and expressions that will get you tons of amazing images you will LOVE.

What is defined as a look?

One look is one outfit, background and hair and makeup style. We love offering people options in their shoot, so we can definitely do jacket on and off etc. to get you lots of options.

How many photos will I get?

You will receive about 50 photos per look. They are all high
resolution, included in the cost of the shoot (no hidden fees!) and will be delivered to you via an online photo gallery in 7 business days.

Should I book hair and makeup? Who should I book?

We have several Professional Hair & Makeup artists that we highly recommend you use for the photoshoot. We can email you their contact information, then you can book them to come to you (or you to them) to do your hair and makeup for the shoot. Then you’re able to come to the shoot hair & makeup ready!

What kind of clothing should I bring to my headshot session?

We have a prep guide that we email to you once we have confirmed your appointment! It answers all your questions. If course if you have any questions after reading it, we can definitely set up a phone consult. Another great tip is to check out the portfolios to see what types of outfits we usually choose for the photos, then bring something like it!

When and how do I receive my photos?

We deliver all high-resolution photos from our shoot to you within 7 business days via an online photo gallery. It is very user-friendly and easy to share with friends/family etc.!

Why do I have to wait 7 business days?

We shoot in RAW format, and so when weam taking your photos, they are just big files, without any color. We need those days to post-process your photos and make them look amazing. We control all the colors in your photos, similar to a painter. Beware of photographers who just give you the files right out of the camera. Those photos will never look as good as if the photographer individualizes the post-processing to your skin tone, clothing and eye color! For people who need their photos fast, we can speed up the turn-around time, it just costs you a bit extra. Feel free to email us for more info.

Do you offer Retouching services?

We do! It is a bit extra for each photo you want retouched. We include an example retouched photo in your gallery so you can see what my retouching looks like. We are experts at retouching your photos and making them look amazing, while keeping you looking like you!

How many people a day do you photograph?

We usually only photograph one to two people per day. We make this limit so you never feel rushed, and we will always have plenty of time to get you amazing photos!

What type of lighting do you prefer?

We LOVE natural light and will try to shoot it as much as possible because it is so beautiful! We do have lots of studio lighting and background options if we decide that will be best for your business/business branding!

What is your availability?

Thanks for reading, and feel free to email us anytime at for your own info guide!

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