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Choosing the Best Business Headshot Photographer!

So you need a new Business Headshot – how do you find the best photographer? You may need a LinkedIn Headshot, one for your company, or even a full branding shoot. How can you tell if the photographer is going to get you photos that you like?

Here are our top four tips on what to look for when trying to choose the best photographer for your photos:

1. Check out the photographer’s work on their website and Instagram! See what they are posting, and also search their hashtag. Make sure they aren’t just featuring their “best” work, while the rest of their work is terrible (eek!)


2. Check out their Yelp and testimonials. A great corporate, business, or executive photographer is going to need to be a great people person. They need to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera! Send them an email or give them a call and see what they are like to talk with. And ask yourself, do the expressions they’ve captured in their portfolio look real? Can they photograph business professionals of any age well?

3. The best business photographers know how to help you move in front of the camera. Having a photographer that knows how to make you laugh, and help you pose to look good is vital! Seriously! There are tons of photographers who just photograph models (who pose themselves) and so they have NO idea how to help you!


4. Can they do both studio and natural light photography? Do they have examples of both in their portfolio? Having the ability to do both, is really so advantageous. They can help pick the best environment and setting that will fit with your career and business.

Shine on,

Conrad & Mary

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