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Business Photography: What makes a good Business Headshot?


Booking a photoshoot for yourself is always very exciting! But what is the difference between a portrait photographer and a business photographer? How can you make sure you get the best professional business photos possible for your branding?


#1) A portrait photographer is trying to get you the best photos of you. A business photographer (business headshot photographer) is going to get you the best photos of you, but in a professional context. Your profession really does affect the type of photos that we’ll take for you!

#2) Many times the styling of a portrait shoot is going to either casual or dressy. Wardrobe for your business photos needs to be appropriate to your profession, and also a range of business casual, to more business professional.

#3) The setting and background it very important. Many times a portrait shoot will be in nature or have a more lifestyle feel to it. It may also be pretty dramatic and glamourous. We love shooting business headshots with blue-toned backgrounds and also in front of lights! (Check out the photo just above here on the right).

#4) Another genre of business photoshoot, is a lifestyle shoot. Here is an example of a Real Estate Agent who we worked with who needed photos for her website and social media. This type of branding is perfect for entrepreneurs who want that candid feel to their shoot.


Here are some examples of portrait photoshoots we’ve done. Can you tell the difference between these, and the photos in our business portfolio?


Do you have any other questions about business photography? Comment below, and we’d love to help!

Keep Shining,

Mary & Conrad


  • Dave Thompson
    November 22, 2016 at 8:32 am

    I need to get a good headshot for my new online resume. I really like the life style business photo shoot idea. I think that will be great for the type of job and the type of company I want to work at.

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