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Retouching: What is it? & Do I need it?

We highly recommend getting retouching on any photos you are going to print, post on a website or use to promote yourself.

This is our philosophy on Retouching: It shouldn’t be seen. You should see the person in the photo first, and the retouching should get rid of things that are distracting.

Lots of things can end up being distracting in photos because you end up seeing a TON more details, then you would ever see in real life. In real life people are moving, and expressing themselves, and in photos they are frozen! We think this is one of the reasons many people don’t like photos of themselves…there are tons of details you would never see while interacting with a person, and all of those distractions become the first thing you see when looking at a photo.

Yes, there is definitely bad retouching, and we think it gives retouching a bad rap. (If you saw a bad painting, it doesn’t mean we should throw out the whole art form.)

When the person no longer looks like themselves, or you are distracted by the things changed (and those become the focus, over the person), that is bad retouching.

Retouching is a skill we consider to be one of the best things about booking a shoot with me!

When you order a retouched photo, it takes mus about an hour to complete. Here are some ways that we retouch a photo:


  • Eye Whites whitened and blood vessels removed
  • Lash-line darkened (for women)
  • Sharpness of Iris and luminocity increased
  • Light added to the lights already in the eyes



  • Advanced techniques used to minimize and draw attention away from:
    • under-eye bags
    • smile lines
    • sun discoloration
  • Enhance the makeup by: highlighting and contouring, blending anything, removing blemishes
  • Keeping the texture of the skin intact while blending out any harsh lines



  • get rid of distracting fly-aways
  • highlight and darken it to make it pop



  • lower the shoulders and bring the hair closer to the face/neck



  • fix wrinkles
  • make the lines of the clothing straighter and less bumpy



  • Adjusting color tones
  • Using light and dark to draw attention to the eyes


Examples of bad retouching:

  • removing the skin texture so it becomes very smooth and plastic looking
  • pushing around body parts so they no longer represent the proportions of the person
  • changing color tones so they don’t look natural



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