Top Tips: Preparing for Your Photoshoot


The Exhaustive Prep Guide: Everything You Want to Know!


You’ve booked your photoshoot, and now it is time to make the most out of it! What are all the best ways to prepare for your photoshoot? Here is where we answer all the questions we usually get!

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  • Facials and Skin Prep: I love getting facials, if you do too, make sure to leave at least one full week to heal completely! If you would rather, you can also exfoliate at home. Makeup looks amazing on top of clean skin, and not good at all on top of dry/flaky skin :/ The best time to exfoliate is before you get out of the shower! By then, your skin will be very easy to exfoliate as the steam really softens it. Candice of Skin Deep Beverly Hills is my go-to gal!
  • Eyebrows: I would highly recommend cleaning up your own eyebrows, or going to a professional who can clean them up for you. I really like going to the Anastasia Brow Studio in Santa Monica because they wax and pluck – threading scares me! 😉
  • Glasses and Contacts: Glasses will cause a lot of glare in the photos. If you wear glasses all the time, see if you can pop the lenses out. Then, you can still wear the glasses and won’t get any glare! In 90% of glasses, you will be able to pop the lenses out, it just takes a bit of muscle. For additional options in the photos, make sure to bring contact lenses too.


  • Moisturize & Hydrate: Lips are the first part of the body to show dehydration. Make sure to drink lots of water the week before the shoot and the day of! Lip balm will also help moisten up those baby’s 🙂
  • Exfoliate: Once you’ve smeared a bunch of chapstick on those lips, go ahead and rub a mix of olive oil and sugar on those lips to get the dead skin off.
  • Whitening Teeth: If you usually whiten your teeth, go for it! This is something that is easily fixed in photoshop, and so it isn’t ever a huge concern of mine.
  • Floss: You may eat some snacks just before or during the shoot. And it’s better to floss and make sure you aren’t saving any of that food for later 😉


  • Manicures & Pedicures: Don’t feel like you have to go to a professional! But, your hands might be in the photos and you don’t want to be worrying about dirty nails or nail polish that is only half off!!
  • Spray Tans & Tanning: I recommend against getting a spray tan or using tanning lotions etc. They end up photographing very orange, and then it is very hard to match your face skin tone, to your body skin tone. It’s better to just leave it as is, and fix any skin tones in post-processing.


  • Hair Cuts/Trims: Do get a trim one to two weeks before your shoot. Don’t get anything too new or different before your shoot.
  • Color: Don’t try any crazy new colors, just touch-up any roots. It’s also great to consider adding subtle highlights – they really help your hair look amazing on camera!
  • Deep Condition Hair: If your hair is really dry and damaged, it won’t style well or easily. If you feel like this is you, try out a deep conditioning treatment. You can pick one up at your local beauty supply or drugstore.
  • Beard Length and Shaving: I love how a four o’clock shadow, or two to three days of growth look in photos! A lot of times it adds really nice structure to the face. That being said, it’s also great to have the option of the clean-shaven look. So, don’t forget to bring your electric razor/razor, shaving cream, etc.


Check out my post all about clothes here!


  • Crash Diets: I don’t recommend them! I will show you all the posing secrets, so don’t worry about being the “perfect weight!” It can help you to feel better if you stay away from very salty foods the couple days before the shoot.
  • Food/Snacks and Water: Definitely eat before your shoot! Posing and lots of smiling is hard and you definitely don’t want to be tired/cranky 😉 You might be going to shoot on location, so definitely bring your trusty water bottle. Packs of nuts or small snacks are great to re-energize between looks.


Don’t be overwhelmed by all the things! Do what you find manageable and everything will be perfect! So much can be fixed in post-processing, so it’s better not to sweat the small things.

Thanks for reading! And, as always, if you have any comments or questions, leave them below! Or, feel free to email me at

Keep on shining!


  • Yucel
    December 10, 2015 at 10:46 pm

    The brows need done few days ahead.. they can turn red if done too close to photo day 🙁

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