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Watch Out! Imperative Questions to ask before you book a Shoot!

Time to get really real….some photographers are shady! We want you to know all the right questions to ask, so you will get the amazing photos you deserve! Here are a list of things to consider and ask BEFORE you book a shoot!

  1. How will I get my photos at the end of the shoot?
    • Some photographers will not tell you, and then charge you extra for photos at the end of the shoot. Different photographers have different pricing structures. The main two are:
      • A low upfront sitting fee, and then charging per photo after your session (Usually for Portrait or Family Photography) or,
      • A higher upfront shoot fee, but then you get all the photos in high resolution (Usually for Business/Entreprenuer and Actor Photography)
    • How many photos (on average) will I get per look?
    • How do you deliver the photos to me and how long does it take to get them ready?
    • What printer do you recommend? This is another hidden fee of working with some photographers. If they won’t give you the files, and require you to pay exorbitant fees and print your photos through them.
  2. Retouching
    • Do you do your own retouching?
      • Some photographers don’t do their own retouching. To save money, they will have folks in India etc. do their retouching. We have had many clients come to me, and show me their own headshots. And the retouching is TERRIBLE!
      • Here is a trick to make sure your photographer’s work that they produce daily is as good as the photos on their website. Do a google image search, or an instagram search of clients tagging them as their photographer. Look at the photos and see if you think what they are putting out is as good as what is on their website. It’s always good to double check, because a lot of times it isn’t 🙁
  3. How Long does a shoot take?
    • You want to make sure that you won’t feel rushed and will have plenty of time to get in the zone!
    • How many clients do you shoot in a day? Some photographers will pack clients in like sardines, and that is never fun.
  4. Hair and Makeup
    • Who is your hair and makeup artist?
    • Can I check out their website?
    • You want to work with an expert hair and makeup artist. One who has worked with your photographer for a long time. They should be very familiar with the lighting the photographer uses. Check out their website and make sure their work looks like the work on the photographer’s website.
  5. Clothing
    • Will you help advise me about the clothing I should wear? They should be more than willing to answer any questions you have. Clothing is extremely important to a shoot, and you should not be expected to be an expert on what clothing reads well on camera.
    • Is there a stylist you could recommend? If you have the budget, definitely consider working with a stylist for your shoot.
  6. Posing
    • Do you mainly work with models or regular people? A lot of photographers who mainly work with models have NO IDEA how to pose people. Because, that is the model’s job! Posing people is hard to do, and takes a great eye and ability to coach people. You should not have to be responsible for posing yourself.


Are there any shady things you’ve run into that we should add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

Keep on shining,