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Top Posing Secrets Revealed!

One of the main concerns clients have when booking a photoshoot is….that they feel like they look TERRIBLE in front of a camera and have NO idea how to pose! We are experts at helping clients pose, and learning the “rules” so that they can relax, have fun…and !BONUS! Look great in every photo ever!

We even had a professional dancer we photographed tell us, “I’ve been using your posing help ALL the time!” (He ended up having to walk a bunch of red-carpets).

Here is the real deal: Most people look great in real-life, and bad in photos, because photos are 2D. They do not show what you actually look like. You must change how your body is oriented toward the camera, to make you look normal!

So, here they are!

  1. Get that chin forward and out! Yes, it feels weird. Yes, it looks great! Creating separation between your neck and head: brings more attention to your eyes, and also creates a better jaw line (which looks amazing in photos!). How much you push your chin/forehead out depends on the size of your chin. Do you have a small chin? Push it out further. Big chin? You might not need to push it out at all.
  2. Lean toward the camera! Whatever is closest to camera is going to catch the eye. You want that to be your eyes! Sometimes we call it the “mini-bow” or you can also think of it as sending your butt away from camera aka “butts back!”
  3. Grow a smile! The two biggest mistakes people make when smiling are either: 1. they go straight to their biggest smile (the school photo smile) and 2. they only smile with their mouth, so it ends up looking really fake and forced. Your biggest smile won’t look good on camera (unless maybe it is a candid shot of you laughing). The littlest things look HUGE on camera, so it is best to keep it a bit more subtle. If your biggest smile is a 10, somewhere between 4 and 7 will look best. The best thing to do, is to think about things that will make you feel happy! That feeling will read in your eyes and activate them. It isn’t smiling that makes you look happy, it is the feeling in your eyes! Crazy, huh? People are very intuitive and if you just ‘put on’ a smile, it’ll look fake in the photo. That is why we make sure my clients have TONS of fun while we are shooting!

If you have any questions about these tips, or you want to share other helpful tips you know, put them below!

Keep on shining,

Mary & Conrad

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